About Ice Melt

We are the Western Canada distributors for the Ice Burner family of ice melts from Windsor Salt.

Our feature product is Ice Burner Responsible which is the most effective environmentally, pet friendly premium ice melt in the marketplace.

How is Ice Burner Responsible unique?

Ice Burner Responsible does not rely on corrosive and damaging chemicals to melt ice and snow but uses a non-toxic chemical called Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA). CMA is one of the most effective de-icers that works with sodium chloride (road salt) to melt ice and snow. It’s endothermic meaning it reacts with moisture to lower the freezing point, as opposed to other ice melts which are exothermic which reacts with moisture to create heat. Endothermic ice melt also causes less damage to green space, concrete and asphalt surfaces by keeping sodium chloride from penetrating these surfaces as well as being animal friendly. With theses advantages, Ice Burner Responsible is longer lasting, more effectual and safer to use that other ice melts.