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Welcome to Alais Ventures, your consolidated provider of sourcing, distribution, manufacturing and representation expertise. Whether you’re seeking access to international markets or a more cost-effective source for fabrication inputs, our team can leverage our rich network to accelerate your growth. We provide marketing and representation expertise for clients seeking to expand their presence in North American markets with particular expertise in Western Canada.

We provide uncommon value and a personalized approach to supporting your organization to capitalize on strategic growth opportunities. Contact our team today to learn what we can do for you.


The products we represent offer unique benefits over their competitors and the Alais team is working with partner organizations and regional distributors to facilitate year over year market growth:

• Innovative and more environmentally responsible Ice Beeter snow and ice melt products ensure safe passage while safeguarding pets and property from harm. We work with a network of regional distributors fake watches and wholesalers to continue to grow market share.

• Our diverse range of promotional products are readily branded with your corporate identity for a cost-effective and memorable way to promote your business or event.


Our market access and input sourcing services benefit our clients in a myriad of ways. Some recent engagements have included:

• A customer had no success in producing a recyclable shopping bag that had to meet unique design features and still met stringent benchmarks for strength and usability. After much perseverance and multiple prototypes, we were able to meet and exceed the customers expectations on their desired bag.

• Safety wear is designed to give general coverage for the intended use but in we have produce safety wear that is targeted for a specific task or purpose. The company needs the product to be meet several performance needs such as breathability, durability, and maximum protection for its employees. They were only about to find products that only meet one or two of their needs. We were able to step in to produce a product that performs exactly as the customer requires.

• Researching logistics options to support distribution of palleted commodities from the port of Vancouver to distribution hubs across western Canada

Based in the Canada’s West Coast, Alais Ventures is ideally positioned to support the logistical needs of our clients. With access to Asian manufacturing capacity and markets through the port of Vancouver and extensive rail and freight shipping networks throughout the region, we can help you get your products to new markets.