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Environmentally Friendly Ice MeltAlais Ventures is pleased to be the Representative in Western Canada for the Ice Beeter line of products. Ice Beeter uses a unique, proprietary formulation to provide exceptional melting performance while reducing the harms associated with conventional ice melt products. This product is safer for pets and wildlife while using a compound that is longer lasting and effective to -20.

Most ice melting products on the market today are corrosive, damaging cars, highway structures, property and they create environmental harms by seeping into groundwater supplies. The active compound in Ice Beeter products is different and safer; that’s a difference that makes Ice Beeter a more attractive choice to your end consumer.

How are Ice Beeter products unique?

Unlike most melters that rely on damaging salt and corrosive chemicals to melt ice and snow, Ice Beeter products use a compound called CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate). CMA is an environmentally benign substance that is an equally effective de-icer to sodium chloride (road salt) to lower the freezing point of moisture.

CMA is more expensive to manufacture, however one study conducted by the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management suggested that the increased cost of CMA is more than offset by the reduction in property damage caused by the use of road salt. CMA is approximately as corrosive as tap water so consumers who have made the switch are seeing less damage to green spaces, reduced concrete damage and fewer unsightly stains.

Additionally, because CMA compounds are longer lasting less product is required and less labour is required to re-apply.

The combined benefits create a striking value proposition for end consumers who are concerned both about managing their liability by providing safe passage and making environmentally responsible choices that reduce harm.

Ice Beeter environmentally friendly ice melt

Responsible Melter

Effective to -20, our Ice Beeter Responsible product is formulated using a proprietary blend that includes CMA as well as sugar beet extract. This product provides immediate traction, a fast acting formulation and sustained melting to reduce the need to re-apply.

Sugar beet is a natural ice melter so it’s addition to our blend makes it one of the most environmentally safe products on the market.  CMA is a safe, biodegradable ingredient that slows down the freezing of water molecules therefore extends the effectiveness of the product.

The end consumer appreciates that this product is pet friendly and can feel good about choosing a product that combines safety with environmental responsibility.

Ice Beeter Pet friendly ice melt

Safer Than Salt Breeder’s Preferred

Our Safer Than Salt Breeder’s Preferred product line is targeted at end consumers interested in making safer, more environmentally friendly choices. The smaller packaging (4.5 kg), pet-friendly markers and use of CMA to create an effective, fake watches long lasting product make Safer Than Salt Breeder’s Preferred a highly marketable product in retail settings.

The proprietary CMA formulation is effective to -20, safer for children and pets, less harmful to vegetation and reduces damage to property. The formula is non-tracking and will not harm carpets and floors.

Product is delivered skidded, wrapped with UV protection and properly shrouded for outside storage.